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Anti-government protests in Hong Kong have spanned nearly three months. What began as peaceful protests against a Chinese extradition bill have intensified to an uprising, with growing demands among demonstrators. With no clear solution in sight, what are the implications on the relationship between Hong Kong and China? How does this impact Hong Kong's economy and its position as one of the world's most important financial centers? Megan E.

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Italy: Will the two-party coalition survive, and if so, will it move closer to mainstream Europe, or will the nationalist movement gain momentum? What does this mean for the Italian economy and for Euro area reforms? The United Kingdom has been a member of the European Union for more than 40 years, but there has been growing skepticism among some members of the electorate regarding the benefits of EU membership. Indeed, U. What would be the implications of a British exit from the EU a. Would the benefits of Brexit outweigh the costs? How would the rest of the EU be affected by Brexit?

Would there be any implications for the United States? Beginning on August 10, , China's government began a series of actions which has led to a devaluation of their currency by a cumulative 4. Our panel will discuss both short- and long-term implications of this latest policy effort to stabilize their economic and financial conditions. A podcast recording will be available for NABE members. Nicholas R.

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He joined the Institute in March from the Brookings Institution, where he was a senior fellow from until Before Brookings, he served at the University of Washington, where he was the director of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies from to He is an expert on the Chinese economy. Arthur R. He is based in Beijing, where he has lived since Greek banks are closed.

ATMs are dark. The Eurozone faces very dangerous days indeed as negotiators hurl invectives, creditors clash with debtors, and frustrated voters go to the polls. What lies ahead for the Eurozone and Greece? Is divorce and ejection from the Eurozone avoidable or inevitable? Can the Europeans skirt disaster yet again? Listen for insight ahead of Thursday's meeting of the European Central Bank and in the wake of last week's unexpected move by its counterpart in Zurich. Our speakers will talk about how ECB policy makers could surprise markets this week, as well as how much quantitative easing the euro area might eventually need.

Where will the ripples stop from the Swiss National Bank's decision to abandon its franc cap last week? The conversation will look ahead to what these events mean for currency trading and economic growth in the region. Registration is FREE and open to the public. Use the link below "Register Now" to register for the event. You will receive a link for the webinar via email.

Nick offers foreign exchange markets analysis to help customers manage the risks and opportunities of operating and investing in these markets. In addition, Nick provides daily and monthly commentary on foreign exchange markets through several Wells Fargo publications. He appears frequently on business television and in media such as Bloomberg and CNBC, and his research is often quoted in financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal.

He began his career as an analyst with the New Zealand Treasury in David Powell , Economist, Bloomberg Intelligence. David Powell is an economist at Bloomberg Intelligence in London, where he focuses on euro-area economics and currencies. Previously, he worked at Bank of America - Merrill Lynch as a currency strategist. He is also a CFA Charterholder. Bob Sinche is a macro strategy consultant with Amherst Pierpont analyzing global economies and financial and commodity markets.

He has extensive experience in global economic, investment and financial market analysis and direct experience managing global fixed income and currency portfolios. From — he was the director of global fixed income asset management at Alliance Capital Management, Prudential Investments and Simms Capital Management, managing global bond portfolios for institutional investors, Central Banks and mutual funds. The BoE had been expected to raise rates before the Fed, but weakness in the Eurozone is shifting those expectations further out.

Beck will discuss the BoE Inflation Report and monetary policy issues.

Murray will provide a preview of what to expect in the autumn pre-budget statement and prospects for the U. He was responsible for producing UK macroeconomic analysis and forecasts on a national, sectoral and industry level. Before joining Capital, Martin spent 11 years as an economist in HM Treasury, where he worked in a variety of macroeconomic, microeconomic and policy roles.

He also held a senior position at the New Zealand Treasury, where he conducted a review of its forecasting methods. Jamie has authored a number of research papers - subjects include the assessment of spare capacity, the influence of fiscal policy on the economy and economic modeling. He has an MSc in economics from the University of Sheffield.

Italy is struggling to form a government after Pier Luigi Bersani, the leader of the center left coalition, won national elections last month but failed to secure a ruling majority. President Giorgio Napolitano is in a desperate scramble of consultations to identify a suitable candidate for prime minister who could count on the backing of the country's fractured political parties to form a government.. The panel will pick up the latest twists in this ongoing drama amid on of the country's most difficult economic crises since World War II.

The webinar will discuss the political state of play as of April 11, and project the country's political and economic outlook. Bryson , Ph. The Euro-zone is in economic turmoil. Without the institutions critical for a monetary union, the crisis has defied easy policy solutions. Will the policymakers come up with the necessary institutions to integrate the region further? Eugenio J. The trend towards global trade liberalization is now threatened, as some countries around the globe are retrenching from free trade discussions and are looking to protectionism as the appropriate policy response to real and perceived threats from unfair trade practices.

Currency misalignment and the resultant global imbalances are providing fertile ground for those wishing to turn back the clock on free trade. Public opinion is also turning against trade liberalization as policy makers, in the face of high unemployment, are unable to defend or fully explain to their citizens the real and tangible benefits of open markets. Against this backdrop, the U. Focus to date has included the need to address concerns like labor and the environment and intellectual property protection.

Missing from the debate is the critical need to include disciplines in free trade agreement s to address the issue of currency manipulation and its profound and negative effects on trade liberalization. Only by dealing with this issue head- on will the case for free trade be fully restored. This webinar will discuss why it is critical to include currency disciplines in 21st Century free trade agreements. Michael S. In his role, working within International Governmental Affairs, Mr. Sheridan worked in several capacities within Ford's Canadian operations including assignments with Ford's Finance Office and as Director of Government Relations.

In addition to his Government Relations responsibilities, Michael also headed up Ford of Canada's Office of Economic Studies and was a key member of the Ford Team developing and implementing Ford of Canada's Revitalization Strategy for both its manufacturing and assembly operations in Canada as well the Company's Canadian marketplace activities. Elizabeth Sheridan and they have two children Kathryn and Michael. Like many emerging markets, the Russian market is regarded as offering faster growth than more developed markets and higher per-capita incomes than other pockets of emerging Asia.

Abundant reserves of oil, metals, and timber still lure multinationals eager to export those commodities, even though such investments are often fraught with difficulties. But Russia is not just a play for resource companies. Eighteen years after the fall of the Soviet Union, million voracious consumers beckon. Demand for everything from kitchen cabinets to pharmaceuticals is still strong—and Russians have the petrodollars to pay for them. The performance of multinationals looking to get their share of this ever-growing market depends greatly on identifying the right opportunities while dealing with the challenges of operating in Russia.

He will be joined by additional KPMG professionals who will give their insights regarding:. William Janis , International Economist, U. Department of Agriculture, moderator. In a candid seminar, Mr. Ip will examine a constellation of contemporary economic controversies. To achieve the goal of doubling exports, the Obama Administration has begun a process of realigning U. Does reducing Government spending in the United States yield benefits similar to those of austerity in European countries? On the domestic side, Mr. Ip will examine the prospects of the Obama Administration and the Congress to achieve a consensus about reforming the rules for transfer payments AKA entitlements to limit their spiraling growth.

Whither U. After this initial discussion, the moderator will open the floor to questions from the audience. Janis fas. He has reserved a USDA conference room for this event. Greg Ip is U. Economics Editor, based in Washington D. He covers the economy, financial markets, monetary, fiscal and regulatory policy. He joined The Economist in July, Prior to his current job, Mr Ip was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, most recently as chief economics correspondent in Washington.

A native of Canada, Mr. The so-called peripheral countries in Europe, Greece, Ireland, Spain Portugal and sometimes Italy do not qualify as large core European countries. However, when Greece began to admit that its budget deficit was larger than originally stated, debt for all of the peripherals sold off, with Greek bonds seeing the largest run up in yields.

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When it finally became clear that Greece would need a rescue package in the spring of , credit markets seized up in both Europe and the United States while the markets nervously awaited the details of the bridge loan and the extent of the austerity. Where will the bailouts end? Will Germany and France succeed in achieving so-called burden sharing and will this unnerve bond markets to the point of making a Spain or Portugal rescue the next shoe of the centipede to drop.

MacDonald will have just returned from a trip to the UK and Ireland. Clear tensions are apparent in the Chinese economy as it grapples with the positive and negative effects a massive stimulus that was designed to avoid an economic slowdown caused by the great recession in the U. Join us for a lively and informed discussion of the challenges ahead as China seeks to manage growth, control booms and busts, and deliver for its populace.

This event is free to all NABE members. The crisis in the Eurozone appears to be worsening. An IMF led billion euro bailout of Greece has failed to calm the markets. Meanwhile government debts levels in other Eurozone countries, including Spain, Portugal and Ireland continue to negatively impact the Euro, which has fallen to a one year low against the dollar. Join us for a discussion of the deepening crisis and its implications for markets, for European economies and global businesses. Later, it will be available for free download by NABE members.

What happens if the US, the UK, and even Japan fail to raise revenues, cut expenditures, pay down debt, and turn their fiscal ships around? A long and distinguished career at Standard and Poors, John has been with the firm since He is widely published and quoted. In: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health , 69 9 , pp. In: Daedalus , 2 , pp. In: European Journal of Epidemiology , 29 12 , pp. In: Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik , 15 1 , pp. In: ifo Schnelldienst , 67 05 , pp.

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An Analysis of the German Bausparkassen System".