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He needed to remind Callista, and himself of what was between them. I just want to know why you always reject me? You are merely an assistant and a study subject, nothing more. Anbu, stopped his hand from moving to cover his crotch, that was juvenile he thought. This needs to be a grown up conversation.

When a beautiful woman throws herself at me what do you expect? Throws herself…Fucking arrogant bastard, who the fuck does he think Callista stomped toward the door. She tried to fill her lungs but her anger left no room for air. His mouth was sneering but his eyes were still glittering, though with what she was no longer sure, but his words were horrid. Callista so wanted to slap the smug smile off his face. She let him have all her bitterness and disappointment. Maybe that is why your precious little Arab houri, Halgan, is no longer in your bed. News flash, Master Anbu, Sir; the world does not revolve around you!

Turning on her heel, Callista took a step away towards the door, a sob beginning to force its way up her constricted throat. Anbu felt something snap inside. When Anbu grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into his arms, the force and shock made Callista cry out, half whimper, half moan. His embrace was overpowering, all encompassing.

She was both frightened - and aroused by his unexpected show of strength. Trying to twist out of his grasp he only held her tighter, his breath hot on her face. His hands were hurting her arms, the pain oddly warming low down, making her want to slump against his chest. His eyes were darker than she had ever seen them, as though his black pupils had expanded to engulf all the grey. She struggled to make sense of his words. Makris, is your inability to respect boundaries. I am going to teach you some respect. He sat, still holding her wrists tightly and closed his eyes before taking a deep breath.

He opened them and Callista saw only power within them. His voice was deep and calm. Callista knew her mouth and eyes were equally wide open in surprise. She snorted, closing them both quickly to find some escape, then opened them slowly saying quietly,. Anbu looked at her intently. Callista did not even think he was blinking. He was holding himself so still, it frightened her.

He spoke very quietly, but forcefully,. Callista stood firm. Her wrist was burning where his encircling fingers dug into her. She shifted the weight on her feet, her calves aching from the unnatural arch enforced by the high heels. Anbu reached out and pulled her by the waist, forcing her face down onto his lap. She was taken off guard and the wind knocked from her lungs as her body hit his knees.

She tried to protest but could only gasp. The sting of his hand as it made contact with the second skin of smooth leather stretched tightly across her bottom made Callista cry out. Again, he spanked her, this time harder than the last and the slow burn spread over the tightly encased muscle of her ass, leaving a delicious tingle in its wake.

She liked it very much. Callista did not want to tell him to stop. Then he stroked her naked bottom again and asked,. Callista could feel the droplets of moisture trickling down the walls of her cunt. Callista parted her legs slightly, gently shifting her hips form side to side, pressing her mound against the tense muscles of his thigh. She heard him inhale deeply and groan. Anbu massaged the naked cheeks of her bottom with strong fingers.

Callista hoped that he would leave marks that she could see later and make her remember.

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His deep penetrating caress parted her moist labia; wet swollen flesh opening and coming together against the soaking material of her panties, the erotic sounds like that of a soft kiss. He spanked her again—hard, three times. Again he spanked her and she screamed her need.

Reaching between her legs he cupped her sex, the heel of his hand pushing at the remaining scrap of satin, sliding against her swollen clit. Callista circled her hips pushing back and up into his hand. Callista was afraid to speak. The pressure was building inside her, she felt every inch of the skin covering her body as if it were stretched too tightly on her frame. Callista felt the wet trail of her own desire and lifted her bottom to ease his action, opening her legs wider when they were free, inviting him to explore.

She felt the whoosh of air as he raised his hand once more. Tensing the muscles in her cheeks, she waited for the brutal sting of his touch. She wanted to cry out, beg for his burning blow, but she held back, surrendered and waited. His hand made sharp contact with renewed fervor and the rain of stinging blows were intense.

Callista felt the first wave of orgasmic release push toward her core. The pressure to come was intense, filling her up to the brim and near overflowing. Her breathing grew short, her pleasure mingled with and amplified by the pain. She was hanging on the edge, needing something more.

The cloth of his slacks was rough against her clit and she rubbed faster, looking for relief. So close the words were torn from her,. His dark chuckle was edged with victory. He reached between her legs and slid two long, questing, fingers inside her. The walls of her cunt seized on them, squeezing them, trapping them inside her. The cool air soothed her glowing bottom making Callista more aware of the fire inside her as his fingers began to move there.

She had to surrender everything to him, needed to surrender herself. Suddenly the awareness that giving up control was not for the weak washed over her. Panicking, she felt the tide rush back, retreating from the brink into the pool of pleasure in her belly.

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Callista squeezed her eyes close and let go of her breath. Anbu was in a dark place, his focus was on the feel of this woman on his fingers, in his lap, her helplessness, completely at his mercy.

He felt the rush of power as he knew he could make her orgasm at his desire. The words came from somewhere other than his consciousness,. Anbu slipped his thumb through the slippery wet folds between her thighs and down, over her clit. He circled slowly over the smooth hard button under his thumb, at first increasing his tempo to match the increasing speed of her gasping sighs, then to his own rhythm and desire. What she cared about with all her shuddering body and soul was coming and coming very hard.

She felt muscles clench in her belly, pushing the desire from within, bearing down hard on the thrusting twin fingers inside her. February 27th It is about waking up in a hotel room in the middle of the night Nature dragged me from the soft warm embrace of my bed into the chill of the hotel bathroom and the shock of cold porcelain against my skin. I must remember not to leave the seat up, but this is a strange place, one I am not used to so I guess I can forgive myself. My back aches a little from the unaccustomed work out it got earlier. The warmth and cotton comfort of the bed next door embraces her as she lies asleep, her skin silky smooth, her thighs sticky from me.

I will go back to her soon. To hold her in my arms again after so long apart is difficult to describe, familiar and comfortable, yet fresh, strange and exciting at the same time. Like one of those optical illusions where you can see the profile of one woman and the face of another if you crash mental gears. The bathroom is dimly lit; a low crimson glow from the smoke alarm barely allows me to see the outline of my own hand. I can still taste her, feel her back arching as I suckle between her thighs and drink her essence that she gives forth so freely at the urging of my mouth.

My nose grinding against her clit is not a sense memory that will easily fade, nor will the sound of her orgasm in my ears be a fleeting recollection. She comes so hard for me and I am once more feeling so hard for her. There is a magnetism that draws me back to the bed, to her. Positive attracts negative, natural polarity destined to merge and cancel out in a flood of orgasmic energy. I pause at the nightstand to search for the tube of lube with night vision fingers.

The slippery coolness filling my palm soothes the ache of my cock, momentarily. The firm strokes of my fingers stiffening my purpose. Stealthy hands, knees and elbows move me across the cloud soft bedding, the sooty dimness hiding her hills and valleys from me. I remember the warm tightness of her earlier, welcoming me, engulfing me, getting wet for me and I want that again, I want that now. She is still and quiet, she does not stir at my touch.

Does she sleep still or just pretend to slumber on as I prepare to ravish her? My hands on her thighs, spreading her wide. My weight upon her, my erection pressing my petition for urgent entry. Slick with lube, hard with lust, I slide easily into her heat, burying my want in her. The sounds she makes as she wakes to my fucking her, spur me to greater efforts; my hands trapping her wrists.

The taking, the having, the possession draw me on. My ankles pressing down on hers, binding her to the bed. My lover is wide open and accepting beneath me, arching against me, clutching at me, squeezing me inside. I am near and so is she; I want to hold back, to ensure she peaks first.

I pause and she cries out,. I thrust hard into her, deeply, fully; once, twice and she screams into my face. I let go and fill her, my needs satisfied…for now. Feel free to comment on the Feedback Page. February 12th A rather special new publication, Sensexual is an anthology of erotic writing, thoughts, poetry and even a link to an exclusive DEV Audio experience by yours truly!

Some work in progress that may be of interest. Black Knight: Diamonds is a collection of the adventures of Sarah Weston with her millionaire lover, Sir John StJohn as he takes her and transforms her to his will. This very erotic anthology adds to the already published works and takes Sarah to a new level. There are plans for a second collection, Black Knight: Keys. Along similar lines, that of tidying up outstanding stories that readers have been asking for, is the concluding part of the Family series, Family: Graduation. Will Emma and Carl make it together against all the odds?

A third story in the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes series of Steampunk erotica is in planning and research. Set in in Paris there are so many fun places to visit and things to get up to. It was such a naughty time! Please ask any questions or just leave a comment on the Feedback guestbook. Just click on the button at the top of the page. I would enjoy hearing from you and I always reply. February 4th Ten hot tales of espionage and seduction. Just the thing to warm you up on a chilly February night. Click on the cover image to the right for a link to get more info.

An audio edition of Cream of the Crop: Disciplined Sex is due out in the next few weeks. Here is the link for the first Impossible Lesbian Lovers compilation now available through Audible. I Know What You Want. Two hot experiences that were a lot of fun to produce. If you are into bondage and submission from a Gay perspective give it a whirl. January 1st Happy New Year! Here is the link to the latest all NEW Audio compilation release for women. Fantasy Sex Volume I.

Following the successful conclusion of negotiations between Alternatepress Limited in the UK and Audible. Check back for links to the sale sites or keep checking Audible. Sometimes we all need a little extra sparkle to make our sexual experiences more exciting and fulfilling. The Couples in Touch series of Better Sex audios is written and narrated with just that in mind.

Each audio is created for couples who would like to explore each other more completely and to experience new ways to please their partners. Often couples find that is not easy to talk about what they want to do to and with each other during sex. Partners may want to talk to each other, to tell each other how good it feels or to ask for something they would like but they can be hesitant or even embarrassed. The Couples in Touch series of Better Sex audios can help to relax you and ease your inhibitions.

It is as though each of you has a private mentor giving you advice and guidance on what to do to help your lovemaking to be even better. Each experience in the Couples in Touch series takes you both on a journey together to explore an aspect of sex that can be exciting and sensual. Some of the experiences in the series may be new to you, your partner or to both of you.

These audios are a great way to relax into discovering what you want to enjoy together. There can also be a thrill in being told by us what you are to do in such an intimate situation. You can let yourself go and just do what we suggest to each other. Be a little naughty! The roar got louder and louder. Wanda and Heather bent down and they lifted one foot, then the other and got my shorts off me completely.

Wanda lifted my shorts above her head and twirled them around, and then she tossed them into the crowd. I was so red faced. Janine pushed me up to the front of the stage and then the three of them quickly slipped off the stage into the crowd once more. I stood with my hands over my boobs and blushed so much. But even with my embarrassment, I was getting a rush of pure power.

best of bi volume one erotic bisexual stories from xcite books Manual

I knew that everyone of the guys out there wanted me and me alone now. They wanted me to show my tits and even more. The MC was asking me to show my tits. I turned and let them see my butt with my soaked panties sagging down. I rolled my hips and let my butt shake for them. I was enjoying this too much. Finally I turned back to the crowd and slowly let my hands slip down. I was showing my tits! Even if they were little ones, the guys seemed to like them and the roars of approval was music to my ears.

I was excited, very excited. I danced a little bit, showing them what they wanted to see and then dashed off the stage to loud roar of approval. When I entered the room, the girls stared at me in my panties and some glared at me. My friend came over to me. With those words I sat down, blushing, realizing that she was right. My shorts were gone forever.

Lipstick Lovers: 20 Lesbian Stories - Google книги

We both looked at my soaked underpants. The first girl was called and she left as I tried to wring the water out of my panties. The other girls left were staring at me, some with hostility at how much I had shown the crowd already and seeing their looks, I resolved not to go out for the third round. How could I in only my underpants? How could I go anywhere now? I looked around the room and there was nothing that I could use to cover myself and I started to get scared. How was I going to get back to our hotel in just panties?

The first girl came back and looked at me with a smug look on her face. She had nice sized boobs, much bigger than mine and she was down to her panties also. As the others went on stage, I sat nervously, my mind racing, as I tried to figure out how was I going to get out of the bar dressed as I was. Every girl but one came back topless and a second one had stripped to her panties also. My friend came back in and my name was called. No way was I going back on that stage. Shortly after my name was called the second time, Heather and Wanda came into the room.

How am I going to get out of here without being arrested? With that they grabbed my arms and dragged me to the door and up the stairs. I was trying to cover up but they held my arms down and I saw Janine waiting for me with her hands behind her back. She had that nasty smile on her face and my stomach lurched. What more could she do to me?

Heather and Wanda led me to the guy with the water hose and I was drenched once more. Immediately my panties began to sag down on my hips and the guys were cheering loudly as they saw me. I began to dance, covering my boobs with my hands, blushing ferociously. My panties were hanging on me, but barely. Once I started dancing, though, the cheers and yells made me feel like I had the power once more. I started to give little flashes of my boobs and I really was getting excited. My three friends were dancing with me and I smiled at them.

Janine danced behind me and I felt a touch on my hip. The waistband was cut through and my panties were sliding down. I frantically grabbed for them but I missed as they slid further and further until they were laying on the stage. I dropped both my hands to cover my pussy and started to turn to run off the stage, but they grabbed me once more. My boobs were out in the open as I held both hands over my pussy. Heather and Wanda each grabbed one of my legs and Janine pulled both my arms back. I was looking out at the sea of faces in front of me, all of them, all the guys out there were cheering and yelling.

I was so embarrassed; my face was all red. I knew what they were going to do to me. The lifted me easily. I was the smallest of the four of us by far. When I was lifted up and was high enough that even the guys in the back could see me; Heather and Wanda pulled my legs apart. I wanted to die, I wanted to fall through the stage, and I wanted to be anywhere but here.

They did it slowly, listening to the guys screaming as my legs opened. I was naked. I was being held up in the air in front of hundreds of guys. Janine reached around me and cupped my boobs and thumbed my nipples as I felt my labia pull apart. I wanted to die. They were showing me, showing all of me to the crowd. I turned my head so I did not have to look at the crowd. Heather and Wanda paraded me to all three sides of the stage, holding my legs wide open, showing my pussy to everyone. My pussy felt wide open, wide enough that I felt people could see inside me. I was blushing very hard.

But, I was extremely excited. I was a little, but I was even more excited. They turned me and held me just like they had for the crowd for the MC and guy with the hose and all the other guys on stage. Everyone had a look at me, at my naked body, my pubic hair, my bush, my labia and even inside me, my boobs. It took me a bit, but with how excited I was and with the realization that nothing I had was a secret anymore, I turned to Heather and then Wanda telling them to put me down. They both grinned at me and lowered my feet to the stage.

As I said that, I started dancing, this time with abandon, because I knew that there was nothing, not a part of me that was a secret anymore. I was blushing, but unashamed and I danced on that stage with no thought of covering myself. They had seen it all anyway. I turned so my butt was facing the crowd and shook it for them. I bent over so they could look at my pussy between my legs. As I did that the MC squatted in front of me and looked up at me.

I grinned at him and straightened up. Then I spread my feet apart a little more and tilted my hips forward. He stared right at my pussy and then looked up at me and grinned. I danced over to each man on that stage and let him look at me, look at any part of me that they wanted to see. I was pretty much out of control. Even without the water that had been sprayed on me I knew that my pussy had to be wet.

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The music kept playing behind me and I kept dancing. I even bent over and kissed several of they guys in the front row, making sure that my knees were open so they could see my pussy. God, I was excited! The MC turned off the music and called for the other girls to come on stage. I stood to one side, naked with my hands on my hips, smiling at any guy that yelled at me. The other girls came up and two were pretty shocked to see me standing naked, three were openly hostile, and one left when she saw me.

My friend from the contest came over to me and gave me a hug. We grinned at each other. Then came the voting. When he did it to me, I started dancing and danced from one side of the stage to the other. And, I felt very free. I saw Heather, Wanda and Janine in front of the stage; applauding and cheering for me, which made me feel pretty brave.

The MC made sure that he went through the line of us three times, keeping me and the topless girls out as long as he could. I stopped by one of the big muscular guys and asked him for one of the large T-shirts they were selling with the bar logo. He looked at me, looked me up and down and then with a grin, and gave me one, fear of charge.

I dashed into the room and stripped as much of the water off my skin with my hands as I could. I could hear muttering from the others. I was called a slut, a whore, softly, but loud enough that I could hear. I slipped the T-shirt over my head and tugged it down. I hugged them back and smiled at them. We barreled out of the room and into the bar. I still got some cheers as I walked to the bar and ordered for the four of us. Janine paid for the drinks and we found a table, which was soon surrounded by guys, drooling hot and handsome men.

I flushed again but sat back to enjoy the attention, something I never got at home or at school. But now that I had been naked in front of them, I was the queen and it felt good. I wondered to myself how many guys had seen me. It was an exciting thing to think about. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe; I might be able to get a cute guy for at least part of the week. I looked around at the guys surrounding us and wondered what else could I do for this kind of a rush.

My mind started to run through possibilities and I smiled at a hot guy who was smiling at me. I was in control here. Archive for March, The Naughty Daughter! It will be on Amazon later in the week. Rooms of Passion Posted in bi-sexual fiction , erotic fiction , lesbian fiction , smut , Valerie Gray , Valerie Grey with tags hotel room sex , motel room sex , sexy fiction , tawdry stories on March 26, by valeriegrey Two things accepted at XCite Books, will be published as ebooks: Passion Hotel — a novella Passion Rooms — stories.

I miss Kathy. She was a great teacher and friend and mentor. All our teachers go … All our mentors a dream. Abnormal Norma is only in ebook form right now but the print paperback editions should be up any day… Kindle it here. Look on amazon soon for the full book in print and as Kindle. It will be Ophelia Press Book ! Direct from publisher.

Posted in erotic fiction , smut , Valerie Gray , Valerie Grey with tags wet t-shirt , wet t-shirt contest on March 23, by valeriegrey 1. I had let my girlfriends in the dorm talk me into this. It was freezing! My boobs were completely uncovered.