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Resistance in the military : Chilean armed forces see cooperative security as essential to national security [10]; they consider participation in international operations, peacekeeping missions, as part of the core missions defined in their respective doctrines.

Brazil in Peacekeeping Operations: Incorporating a Gender Perspective

Other issues of concern were 1 the experience that the UN system itself provides little guidance either for civilian mission leaders in relations with local political leaders and institutions, or for on-the-ground forces that must engage with local populations; 2 the need to incorporate more women and more non-military e. The past debates in the senate for renovating the Chilean presence in the island has to be understood as the first signals of a substantive retreat of military forces and a strengthening of the civilian tasks of the mission, as it happened since The covenant provides a structural framework and a legal basis to govern and facilitate the participation of Chilean personnel in EU-led civilian and military crisis management operations.

This agreement is the first ever with a partner country in Latin America and it is a step forward from the Association Agreement signed in Finally, the Chilean government will have to balance the achievements and goodwill it wants to be recognized for, with concerns about not overextending the country in major nation-building projects.

This test accounts in part for the appeal of participating in standby brigades, in which forces have a finite period to lay the groundwork for full-fledged peacekeeping efforts. Numerous politicians have served in high-level UN offices including current president Michelle Bachelet , building a record of experience that gives them advantageous insight into the coordinating mechanisms of UN structures.

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Also key is CECOPAC , a significant champion through the training it has provided to both uniformed and civilian personnel for the last 15 years. Finally, the armed forces should be considered champions of peacekeeping, because it enhances their continued relevance to the state — so long as the mission remains clearly within their capacity and they are not overstretched.

Haiti's UN Peacekeeping mission draws to an end

Rapid deployment capabilities are a major strength, whether independently or in the combined force with Argentina. Dedicated and advanced peacekeeping training programs are another major resource, with emphasis on not only joint but also combined and integrated operations that arguably set Chile apart from many other contributors that are relatively new to peacekeeping. For instance, the joint and combined Argentine-Chilean peacekeeping force, Cruz del Sur, comprise fully equipped and self-sustaining land, naval and air forces; land forces of two mechanized infantry companies, integrated with a Chilean engineering company and an Argentine mobile hospital; two surface navy units for patrol and surveillance, and transport; and 8 transport helicopters 4 medium size and 4 light.

The Joint Staff of Cruz del Sur works together all year long in each country for one-year periods. In line with efforts to promote integrated military and civilian responses to peacekeeping challenges, the respected Chilean national police, Carabineros, has gained prominence for its program training foreign police.

To date, Carabineros have trained over new Haitian police cadets at the national police academy in Chile. Chile is also a leading advocate of enabling more efficient and effective preparation of peacekeeping forces from other Latin American countries, hence its membership in the Latin American Association of Peacekeeping Operations Training Centers ALCOPAZ created in , as part of a larger political effort to standardize peacekeeping practices within the region.

Neutral Commission of the Chaco Boreal : Chile was first involved in international peacekeeping before the founding of the UN, when under a League of Nations mandate it joined other South American countries and the United States in providing military observers to oversee the separation and demobilization of Bolivian and Paraguayan forces at the end of the Chaco War in Chile contributed what at the time was for it, an unprecedented number of observers — over military and civilian officials — to the mission. Part 9: Further Reading. Feldmann, Andreas E.

Figures from The Military Balance Thompson, eds. Cheyre was Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army, Part 8: Other data In the past, Chile has also participated in several other non-UN peace operations see box 1. Active Armed Forces [1]. Helicopters [2]. As of May , nearly 38, people, 70 percent of them women and children, lived in displacement camps formed after the earthquake. Authorities have not provided assistance to resettle them or return them to their places of origin. As of May, at least 17 of 26 remaining displacement camps lacked adequate sanitary facilities.

Low rainfall exacerbates food insecurity in the country. Since its introduction by UN peacekeepers in , cholera has infected more than , people and claimed nearly 10, lives. However, intensified control efforts—including an ambitious vaccination campaign—have resulted in a significant decline in cases, from more than 41, suspected cases and deaths in , to just over 3, suspected cases and 37 deaths from January through August In July , Haitian prisons housed nearly 12, detainees, 75 percent of whom were awaiting trial.

Illiteracy is a major problem in Haiti.

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The quality of education is generally low, and 85 percent of schools are run by private entities that charge school fees that can be prohibitively expensive for low income families. At least , children and youth remain out of primary and secondary school throughout the country.

Peacekeeping Contributor Profile: South Korea

Accountability for past human rights abuses continues to be a challenge in Haiti. In August, a federal court in the United States ruled that a case alleging torture, murder, and arson—in the rural town of Les Irois in and —could proceed against a former Haitian mayor now living in the US, Jean Morose Viliena. Duvalier died in , six months after the Port-of-Prince Court of Appeal ruled that the statute of limitations could not be applied to crimes against humanity and ordered that investigations against him should continue for human rights crimes allegedly committed during his tenure as president from Allegations of violations include arbitrary detentions, torture, disappearances, summary executions, and forced exile.

Gender-based violence is a widespread problem. Haiti does not have specific legislation against domestic violence, sexual harassment, or other forms of violence targeted at women and girls. Foreign Affairs Manual and Handbook. Department of State by State Map. Leadership The Secretary of State. Deputy Secretary of State. Executive Secretariat.

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