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If you and your partner can understand that boredom is just inevitable at times, your marriage will be a great success. In this day and age, with social media at our fingertips, it can be easy for one to edit their life and think it over excessively in the face of the lives of others.

Many people compare their home, children, partner, and many more things, but is this really necessary? This sort of activity can leave one with a bitter taste, working against the happiness of your marriage. Stop comparing yourself to others and think about paying attention to your marriage in the present moment.

We often spend a lot of time wondering if we are the giver or the taker in the marriage, so what are we supposed to do? Always remember that if you give, the other person is sure to remember it. Take the initiative in your marriage and be the giver — your partner will really reward you for it. What is your marriage like? Enjoying yourself? Any tips? Please let us know and leave a comment below.

Take Course. Marriage Advice. Marriage Course. Marriage Quizzes. Find a Therapist. It now has reminders in it—remembrances of the little things, and the big things, that God has done. Milestones remind us of three things: what God has done; who God is—His provision, care, and deliverance; and the need to trust God and walk by faith. I want to be about the purposes of God, in my generation, with my wife. She is a partner in ministry. We are not two individual people who are just successfully going our own way. We are two people who work at merging our life purpose and mission together so that we increasingly share it as we move toward the finish line.

We have not given our lives to stuff. Now, do we live in a nice home? Do we live better than we deserve? We are a part of the Great Commission. We want to be fulfilling the great commandment, together as a couple. My challenge to you is this: As a couple, believe God for too much, rather than too little. Remember what A. What a pity we plan to do the things we can only do by ourselves.

Life can wear you down. It can wear you out. Disappointment chips away at faith. As a couple, you have to work on this to go to the finish line. I was an idiot in our first 12 months of marriage—repeatedly ignoring the dignity of the woman that God had brought me. The lessons that you learn need to be applied. Never threaten divorce in your marriage. Never let the d-word cross your lips, ever! I can still remember an argument my parents had when I was five years old and divorce was not in vogue.

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Your kids are highly sensitized to what your relationship is like and how you communicate when you disagree. Let them hear of your commitment to one another. Our marriage was brought to life as we honored our parents. We are a generation that has bashed and blamed our parents, ignoring this commandment. It is time for us to return home to our parents with honor. A practical way you can do that is by writing them a tribute and, then, by reading it to them. Instead of giving your parents a dust buster for Christmas, or a tie, or a pair of house slippers, give them a tribute, thanking them for what they did right.

Barbara did this with her parents.

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I did it with mine. Honoring your parents is a life-giver. When Barbara and I moved into the empty-nest phase, we discovered that we are much more different than we ever imagined. I had no idea how beauty reflected the glory of God. Being married to Barbara and having six kids has saved me from toxic self-absorption. The way to have a godly marriage and family is the same path as coming to faith in Christ. It is surrender—giving up your rights to Him first, then to your spouse—serving them.

I have a confession to make. I mistakenly thought that God gave Barbara and me six children so that we could raise them. Now I think that He gave me six children, so He could finish the process of helping me grow up. Husbands, help your wife grow as a Christian. When your wife grows in this area, not only does she triumph at life, but you benefit as well.

Barbara and I went near the orphan, and we adopted one of our six children. This is pure and undefiled religion.

Keys for a Happy Marriage

I grew up in southwest Missouri and spent many a night in a cellar, down with the potatoes and green beans. It was a musty smelling place. I was down there trying to dodge a tornado that never hit. In Matthew , Jesus compares two builders of two homes—both in storms. Barbara nearly died on four different occasions; she had a heart rate of more than beats a minute.

I often imagined life as a single dad, until we got her heart problem fixed. And then there was a year-old son, our athletic son, who was stricken with a rare neurological disorder. There was a prodigal. There was the day my dad died.

1. Laugh, a lot

There were short paychecks in ministry. There were challenges in my ministry—all kinds of issues with people. It is for better and for worse. Scripture teaches that our response to God and His Word is the difference-maker in how we handle suffering. You and your spouse have to decide to suffer together rather than falling apart. It is a wise husband who gives his wife space and grace to process loss and suffering differently from how he processes it. Dust can gather before you can even notice it.

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