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Please log in below or if you don't have an account, creating one is easy and only takes a few moments. After you log in your content will be available in your library. More on the NIV. Volunteer positions range from serving, cooking, doing laundry, business mentoring, help with resumes, financial guidance, food donation pick up, driving individuals to appointments and more.

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Your financial support allows us to provide for the most basic needs of individuals, veterans and families we serve, including housing, and medical care. Families and children also have school needs that must be met to keep them from falling behind while homeless. Address 2. The gap between those in need of housing and affordable units is growing. If you are a landlord or have a room or house to rent, and would like more information on the housing program, please contact the Center at Volunteer Your gifts of time, mentoring, or training is always welcomed and vital to the success of the Center.

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When that phone rings, there is no telling what awaits. The call may last a couple of minutes or several hours.

Thug bludgeoned Good Samaritan with claw hammer days after she took him in

The caller may be of any age, race or class, from any place. They may be in a state of panic or profound anxiety; they may have had to face a lifetime of problems alone; they may feel suicidal. What becomes immediately clear on your first shift is that there is a vast tide of human anguish, much of it hidden in unvisited homes, masked by watery smiles, sequestered in double lives.

At first, I was terrified of saying the wrong thing. But as the weeks passed, I found the more I relaxed into it, the more use I could be.

The Good Samaritan:

Aside from helping others, the change in me was pronounced: rather than try to drown any negative emotions I might experience, I was fully feeling them and naming them. The frustration and anger we all feel, but which I had previously tried to suppress, were replaced with a new emotional candour. It has been unsettling and destabilising in the best possible ways, a strenuous but invaluable workout for the soul. Thanks to Samaritans, I have overcome my fear of middle age.

Life exists in beautiful and sometimes bewildering diversity, and one encounters a vast spectrum of this as a Samaritan.

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But what has become ever clearer to me is a deep commonality. I have long appreciated that we all experience fear, anxiety and despair; but this is a truth that hits a Samaritan in the heart. We are all emotional beings trying to get through life, and sometimes we mess up or other people mess us up.

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