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He went on to make uncomfortable comments and pat her exposed stomach as she demonstrated an exercise, she alleged. A court date has been set for June 19 when Green will enter a plea. But the year-old will not be expected to attend the hearing and the charges will be dealt with by his American lawyer. It is understood Green has no plans to defend himself in person, but would travel to the US if required.

One witness corroborated Ms Surridge's pictured allegation and said he grabbed her bottom as if 'testing a piece of fruit'. The charges are not serious enough for Green to be extradited to the US from his Monaco mansion. Responding to the claims, Green's lawyer Ian Burton, a senior partner at top London firm BCL, said he was 'surprised and disappointed these charges have been made'. He added: 'Sir Philip strenuously denies the allegations. In the US crimes are a misdemeanour or a felony.

Most serious crimes such as murder are felonies, which carry a longer jail term. More everyday matters like theft are misdemeanours. Some crimes can be either — such as assault. Pictured: The ranch at which Sr Philip is alleged to have assaulted the mother-of-three repeatedly. Ms Surridge pictured claimed Sir Philip had made her feel 'almost like a prostitute' by repeatedly 'spanking' her and making lewd comments.

A homeowner at the resort, described by police as an independent witness, gave an account to the detective of what she claims to have seen in Kimberly Khoury said Sir Philip grabbed her with his 'octopus-like hand'. And then she kind of moved, like, startled a little bit. And took like a step away. And then he removed his hand and brought it back. They continued talking before he grabbed Ms Surridge's bottom again, Ms Khoury alleged. She continued: 'And like, slaps, you know, spanks it, whatever, so like, taps it. And then grabs again and this happened in the course of like a minute-and-a-half, or two minutes.

It was pretty clear that, to me, that she wasn't welcoming the behaviour. Sir Philip pictured with his wife, Lady Green, and his daughter, Chloe, at the 70th Cannes Film Festival has previously denied the allegations. Ms Khoury, who was 54 at the time of the police interview in February, said she found it 'disturbing' and spoke to senior management at the ranch.

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Before the charging decision had been revealed, Sir Philip declined to comment on the statements made to police. He said: 'I haven't seen any papers, so I don't know what papers you're talking about, or when they came, or what you've got. So, as far as I'm concerned, I've got no comment to make. I've had a lot of tricky chats with Sir Philip Green over the years but none more awkward than last night when I found myself telling him that criminal charges had been filed against him in the US for smacking the bottom of a pilates instructor.

Sounding shell-shocked and hesitant, unlike his usual ebullient self, the tycoon told me he was not aware that criminal charges had been made. So, I asked him, am I the first person to tell you that you have been charged? He replied that he wasn't aware that he had been — and then, with an uncharacteristic refusal to talk, or even to indulge in his usual salty language — he referred me to his lawyer.

The voluble tycoon, who normally assaults the ears of his listeners with torrents of words, had clammed up. He did, however, splutter indignantly when I asked him whether he had actually committed the assaults. Through his lawyers, he strenuously denies it. What a contrast with a day earlier, when I had been discussing with him his plans to try to rescue his Arcadia store chains from going under.


Sir Philip's manner then was sensible and business-like — no doubt he is desperate to avoid a repeat of the bad publicity when his former BHS empire went bust. My call could not have come at a worse time for Sir Philip. He knows if he is to save Arcadia he needs to win the agreement of the Pensions Regulator, his landlords and other creditors for his proposals by Wednesday.

Now his efforts to stop Topshop and his other brands going to the wall have been overshadowed by yet more allegations of his conduct towards women. No wonder he sounded rattled. Sir Philip, 67, has previously denied the allegations investigated by the Pima County Sheriff's Department. Deputy county attorney Lauren Deakin said this evening: 'Philip Green has been formally charged with four misdemeanour assault counts ARS A 3 knowingly touching another person with the intent to injure, insult, or provoke.

Each count has a potential sentence of up to 30 days in the Pima County jail, a fine of not more than dollars, and up to one year of probation. Topshop boss Sir Philip Green allegedly grabbed women's breasts and thighs, slapped their bottoms and had hundreds of grievance cases against him, a peer claimed in the House of Lords on May Sir Philip previously 'categorically and wholly' denied the claims.

Lord Hain said he was revealing the account of a victim for the first time as he defended the use of parliamentary privilege. The company lawyer who interviewed me then lied.

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Sir Philip screamed and shouted at staff ''to go to psychologists''. He broke some in the end. It was horrible He is still doing exactly the same thing. It is rife, it happened all the time. I saw him grab the breasts of others. This has gone on for long time. He made an offer to her to join him as secretary in his posting to a Home Guard training centre at Denbies , a Gothic mansion in Surrey belonging to Lord Ashcombe , and they entered into a romantic relationship.

Pollock, having married Crowe on 26 October , eventually resumed his heavy drinking and was forced to petition for bankruptcy in She changed the surname of her daughters to Darrell Waters [] and publicly embraced her new role as a happily married and devoted doctor's wife. The baby would have been Darrell Waters's first child and it would also have been the son for which both of them longed. Her love of tennis included playing naked , with nude tennis "a common practice in those days among the more louche members of the middle classes".

Blyton's health began to deteriorate in , when during a round of golf she started to complain of feeling faint and breathless, [] and by she was displaying signs of dementia. During the months following her husband's death Blyton became increasingly ill, and moved into a nursing home three months before her death. A memorial service was held at St James's Church, Piccadilly , [1] and she was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium , where her ashes remain.

Blyton's home, Green Hedges, was auctioned on 26 May and demolished in ; [] the site is now occupied by houses and a street named Blyton Close. Since her death and the publication of her daughter Imogen's autobiography, A Childhood at Green Hedges , Blyton has emerged as an emotionally immature, unstable and often malicious figure.

As a child, I viewed her as a rather strict authority.

Spanking can lead to relationship violence, study says

As an adult I pitied her. The Enid Blyton Trust for Children was established in with Imogen as its first chairman, [] and in it established the National Library for the Handicapped Child. The first Enid Blyton Day was held at Rickmansworth on 6 March , and in October the Enid Blyton award, The Enid, was given to those who have made outstanding contributions towards children. Blyton's granddaughter, Sophie Smallwood, wrote a new Noddy book to celebrate the character's 60th birthday, 46 years after the last book was published; Noddy and the Farmyard Muddle was illustrated by Robert Tyndall.

In a survey of 10, eleven-year-old children Blyton was voted their most popular writer. Novelists influenced by Blyton include the crime writer Denise Danks , whose fictional detective Georgina Powers is based on George from the Famous Five. How is it that the books of this tremendously popular writer for children should have given rise to accusations of censorship against librarians in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom?

Blyton's range of plots and settings has been described as limited, repetitive and continually recycled. From the s to the s the BBC operated a de facto ban on dramatising Blyton's books for radio, considering her to be a "second-rater" whose work was without literary merit. Sutcliffe of the BBC's schools broadcast department wrote of Blyton's ability to churn out "mediocre material", noting that "her capacity to do so amounts to genius Some librarians felt that Blyton's restricted use of language, a conscious product of her teaching background, was prejudicial to an appreciation of more literary qualities.

In a scathing article published in Encounter in , the journalist Colin Welch remarked that it was "hard to see how a diet of Miss Blyton could help with the plus or even with the Cambridge English Tripos ", [7] but reserved his harshest criticism for Blyton's Noddy, describing him as an "unnaturally priggish The author and educational psychologist Nicholas Tucker notes that it was common to see Blyton cited as people's favourite or least favourite author according to their age, and argues that her books create an "encapsulated world for young readers that simply dissolves with age, leaving behind only memories of excitement and strong identification".

He mentions that the psychologist Michael Woods believed that Blyton was different from many other older authors writing for children in that she seemed untroubled by presenting them with a world that differed from reality. Woods surmised that Blyton "was a child, she thought as a child, and wrote as a child Enid Blyton has no moral dilemmas Inevitably Enid Blyton was labelled by rumour a child-hater. If true, such a fact should come as no surprise to us, for as a child herself all other children can be nothing but rivals for her.

Accusations of racism in Blyton's books were first made by Lena Jeger in a Guardian article published in , in which she was critical of Blyton's The Little Black Doll , published a few months earlier. Sambo, the black doll of the title, is hated by his owner and the other toys owing to his "ugly black face", and runs away.

Strict Spanking Stories

A shower of rain washes his face clean, after which he is welcomed back home with his now pink face. Accusations of xenophobia were also made. As George Greenfield observed, "Enid was very much part of that between-the-wars middle class which believed that foreigners were untrustworthy or funny or sometimes both". The review was carried out by the author and books editor Phyllis Hartnoll , in whose view "There is a faint but unattractive touch of old-fashioned xenophobia in the author's attitude to the thieves; they are 'foreign' Blyton's depictions of boys and girls are considered by many critics to be sexist.

To address criticisms levelled at Blyton's work some later editions have been altered to reflect more liberal attitudes towards issues such as race, gender and the treatment of children; modern reprints of the Noddy series substitute teddy bears or goblins for golliwogs , for instance. The Faraway Tree ' s Dame Slap, who made regular use of corporal punishment, was changed to Dame Snap who no longer did so, and the names of Dick and Fanny in the same series were changed to Rick and Frannie.

Clare's series are no longer spanked or threatened with a spanking, but are instead scolded. References to George's short hair making her look like a boy were removed in revisions to Five on a Hike Together , reflecting the idea that girls need not have long hair to be considered feminine or normal. In Hodder , the publisher of the Famous Five series, announced its intention to update the language used in the books, of which it sold more than half a million copies a year. The changes, which Hodder described as "subtle", mainly affect the dialogue rather than the narrative.

For instance, "school tunic" becomes "uniform", "mother and father", and "mother and daddy" this latter one used by young female characters and deemed sexist becomes "mum and dad", [] "bathing" is replaced by "swimming", and "jersey" by "jumper". In Blyton adapted Noddy for the stage, producing the Noddy in Toyland pantomime in just two or three weeks. There have also been several film and television adaptations of the Famous Five: by the Children's Film Foundation in and , Southern Television in —79 , and Zenith Productions in — Blyton's The Faraway Tree series of books has also been adapted to television and film.

Seven Stories , the National Centre for Children's Books in Newcastle upon Tyne , holds the largest public collection of Blyton's papers and typescripts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English author. Novelist poet teacher short story writer. Hugh Alexander Pollock m.

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  • Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters m. Further information on works by Enid Blyton: Enid Blyton bibliography. Children's literature portal Biography portal. The results of his investigation were published in Imagination and Thinking She rarely left England, preferring to holiday by the English coast, almost invariably in Dorset, [71] where she and her husband took over the lease of an hole golf course at Studland Bay in She had a terrific admiration for this great statesman, and kept a photo of him on her mantelpiece.

    He looks the best of the lot! Retrieved 31 August UK Ltd, pp. Enid Blyton. Works by Enid Blyton. Bibliography Illustrators Society. Some remain unconvinced of the harms of spanking, including a small group of physicians and researchers who continue to argue that it is beneficial, or at least not bad for kids.

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    • Larzelere co-authored a position paper on spanking for the the American College of Pediatricians, a small group of physicians who have a conservative stance on many parenting matters. Some of its position papers state, for example, that homosexual parenting is harmful to children, gender dysphoria in children will be outgrown by adolescence and cohabitation before marriage will negatively impact any children born before, during or after cohabitation.

      Kids behaving badly: When old rules of discipline no longer apply. Larzelere and his co-author, Dr. Den Trumbull, concluded that "it's okay for parents to spank," but with some conditions: Parents should ensure children know it's "motivated by love and concern for their well-being" and be certain "they do not use disciplinary spanking too severely. Spanking also should only be used when children fail to respond to milder disciplinary tactics e. To bolster their viewpoint, Larzelere and Trumbull point to "serious limitations" in recent research: Studies often rely on a person's recall of childhood punishment, fail to separate spanking from other types of corporal punishment that might be more severe and draw what they consider to be overblown correlations with faulty logic.

      Researchers in this camp point to alternate explanations for the negative outcomes from spanking. For example, children who are spanked may have a number of behavioral problems to start with, and any aggression or mental health issues they develop could have more to do with those underlying behavioral problems than the spanking itself.

      Yet another possibility is that adults with mental health problems could be more likely than healthy adults to recall being spanked as kids. Critics of spanking say the ideal study does not exist, as it would involve taking a group of similar children, asking the parents of half of them to spank and the other half not to, and observing the children as they grow up to see whether the spanked group is any different.

      Such a study would not be ethical.

      Instead they point to various meta-analyses of large numbers of studies to prove their point about the dangers of corporal punishment. The debate is not in the data. The data is very consistent," said Elizabeth Gershoff, associate professor of human development and family sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

      The cultural, regional and generational roots of spanking. In collaboration with Andrew Grogan-Kaylor at the University of Michigan, Gershoff analyzed 36 studies of spanking and found that parents who said they had spanked their children were three times more likely to say their children had aggressive behavior in the following years.

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      Many other undesirable outcomes were associated with spanking, including children acting out and having poor relationships with their parents, as well as being victims of physical abuse later in life. During their investigations, Gershoff and Grogan-Kaylor also looked for evidence that supported people in the United States -- and researchers -- who think spanking is good for kids. In a study in , US soldiers who said they had been spanked as kids were less likely to report opiate use, but Gershoff and Grogan-Kaylor point out that this group might not represent the general population.

      A study published in September asked over 8, adults ages 19 to 97 about their childhood experiences with spanking and found that those who were spanked were more likely to drink heavily, use street drugs and attempt suicide. Adverse childhood events include sexual and physical abuse and neglect, substance abuse, mental illness and partner violence within the home. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls adverse childhood events " an important public health issue " due to their strong relationship to numerous health, social and behavioral problems throughout a person's life, including substance use disorders; smoking; heart, lung and liver disease; and poor work performance.

      Although surveys suggest that the majority of American parents have spanked their children, it is not clear how many are regular spankers and how many just lost their temper once or twice. Parents in the latter group can probably take heart that they did not cause their children lasting harm.

      All teens should be screened for depression, task force recommends. It's really the parents who are using it regularly and intentionally as a form of discipline," said George Holden, professor and chairman of the Department of Psychology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Getting spanked just that one time may not affect a child's relationship with their parents, but it may still be remembered and resented, Holden added. Gershoff agrees that the odd spanking would probably not have long-term effects but asks "why do it at all?