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An excess of desire is, of course, called greed. Because greed is insatiable, it prevents us from enjoying all that we already have, which, though it may seem like little, is far more than our forebears could ever have dreamt of. Another problem of greed is that it is all-consuming, reducing life in all its richness and complexity to nothing but an endless quest for more.

Desire is intimately connected to pleasure and pain. Human beings feel pleasure at the things that, in the course of their evolution, have tended to promote their survival and reproduction; they feel pain at the things that have tended to compromise their genes. The pleasurable things, such as sugar, sex , and social status, are wired to be desirable, whereas the painful things are wired to be undesirable.

Moreover, as soon as a desire is fulfilled, people stop taking pleasure in its fulfillment and instead formulate new desires, because, in the course of evolution, contentedness and complacency did not tend to promote survival and reproduction. They did not evolve to make us happy or satisfied, to ennoble us, or to give our life any meaning beyond them. Neither are they adapted to modern circumstances. Today, survival is no longer the most pressing issue, and, with more than seven billion people thronging our polluted planet, reproduction can seem almost irresponsible.

Yet here we still are, chained to our desires like a slave to his master. Our intellect, in which we place so much faith, evolved to assist us in our pursuit of the desirable and avoidance of the undesirable. It did not evolve to enable us to resist our desires, still less to transcend them. Although out intellect is subservient to our desires, it is good at fooling us that it is in control. One of the most inspired theories of desire is that of the 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

For Schopenhauer, the whole world is a manifestation of will, including the human body: the genitals are objectified sexual impulse, the mouth and digestive tract are objectified hunger , and so on. Everything about us, including even our cognitive faculties evolved for no other purpose than to help us meet the exigencies of will.

There is nothing in us that can oppose the demands and dictates of will, which drive us unwittingly into a life of inevitable frustration, strife, and pain. Awakened to life out of the night of unconsciousness, the will finds itself an individual, in an endless and boundless world, among innumerable individuals, all striving, suffering, erring; and as if through a troubled dream it hurries back to its old unconsciousness. Yet till then its desires are limitless, its claims inexhaustible, and every satisfied desire gives rise to a new one. No possible satisfaction in the world could suffice to still its longings, set a goal to its infinite cravings, and fill the bottomless abyss of its heart.

Then let one consider what as a rule are the satisfactions of any kind that a man obtains. For the most part nothing more than the bare maintenance of this existence itself, extorted day by day with unceasing trouble and constant care in the conflict with want, and with death in prospect…. It is not so much that we form desires, but that desires form in us.

We merely work them out, if at all, once they are already fully formed. And so it is also with myself: I infer my desires from my behaviour. If an unacceptable desire nonetheless succeeds in surfacing into their conscious, still they may modify or disguise it, for example, by elaborating an entire system of false beliefs to reinvent lust as love. Advertisers exploit this process of desire formation by sowing the seeds of desire into our unconscious , and then supplying some flimsy reasons with which our conscious can justify or rationalize the desire.

Schopenhauer compares our conscious or intellect to a lame man who can see, riding on the shoulders of a blind giant. He anticipates Freud by equating the blind giant of will to our unconscious drives and fears, of which our conscious intellect is barely cognizant. For Schopenhauer, the most powerful manifestation of will is the impulse for sex. It is, he says, the will-to-life of the yet unconceived offspring that draws man and woman together in a delusion of lust and love.

Few of our desires surface into our conscious, and those that do, we adopt as our own. The desire that eventually prevails is often the one that is at the limit of our understanding. This competitive process of desire formation is most evident in psychotic people who hear one or several voices that speak from a point of view that seems alien to them, but that is, of course, their own. To quote once again from Schopenhauer,. For years we can have a desire without admitting it to ourselves or even letting it come to clear consciousness, because the intellect is not to know anything about it, since the good opinion we have of ourselves would inevitably suffer thereby.

But if the wish is fulfilled, we get to know from our joy, not without a feeling of shame , that this is what we desired. That our desires are not truly ours is easy to demonstrate. The same goes for vows and promises. But even with the most solemn and public of marriage vows, we often fail to prevail. Yet, a single rogue desire can lay waste to the best intelligence of half a lifetime. But even when we do know what we want, we cannot know for sure that it will be good for us.

A young man may dream of studying medicine at Oxford, but realizing his dream could mean that he is run-over by a bus three years hence, or that he never realizes his far greater potential as a novelist. Most of our desires are simply a means to satisfying another, more important, desire. For instance, if I feel thirsty and desire a drink in the middle of the night, I also desire to turn the light on, to get out of bed, to find my slippers, and so on.

And then Merlin appeared for the first time. He was a magnificent engine with three funnels and silver-like, almost reflective paintwork. He called for invisibility and let off a huge cloud of steam. When the steam cleared, Thomas could still see him, singing to himself before he let off steam again…and was on a different track after that. To Thomas' surprise, he was right beside him. After a while more of singing, all three experimental engines settled down and let Thomas talk again. We'll do everything we can to help you, Thomas.

Just tell us what the problem is…" said Merlin. Thank you! I need to go home to the island of Sodor, but I I don't know which way to go. I'm terribly sorry. We don't know anything about any place other than here," added Lexi. Thanks all of you. But I'll be alright. I'll find my way home…somehow. Good luck," said Theo and Lexi. Merlin looked on and thought for a moment…then set off himself. Thomas headed back along the branch line again, trying to remember the route he had taken before.

This looks familiar. I think I recognize this place. It looks like that canal I saw. Yes it is! And there's that silly crane. I really don't want him to stop me again…" But Thomas was wrong as the crane picked him up by the roof of his cab while the driver and fireman jumped clear.

Last time we met, you played a cheeky trick on me and ran away! Just as we were getting to know each other too.

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THAT was not a very nice way to end out conversation. Put me down…please? Run away again no doubt. And I'll be left all on my own again with nobody to talk to Now, why don't you tell me all about your adventures? MY name is Beresford, and we could be friends. You have to be nice to them, so that they'll want to be your friend.

Now…put me down. Hide me please! I really need you to, so I can't be seen from the tracks!

New Dawn - Slave Of Desire

Thomas heard Hurricane and Frankie pass through…and then heard a voice he never expected to hear. He was just trying to impress Frankie so he could expose them more later. Soon, the three engines went around the curve and gone. All done," said Beresford as he lifted Thomas back up. So, we can be friends now. What shall we talk about? I'm here to look after you, and make sure you find your way safely back home. Excellent hiding by the way. Even I couldn't see you. I could have stopped them," said Beresford. Again, Beresford almost dropped Thomas before lifting him once more.

James is in trouble," explained Thomas. And now, Frankie and Hurricane are taking him to the Steelworks! I have to rescue him! Beresford let Thomas down right back to the rails. Thomas' driver came back and climbed in. Thomas was about to set off when he saw his fireman pointing the other direction. They'll kidnap you again! Beresford and Thomas' fireman remained silent at that question…then suddenly, Thomas saw his fireman look up with a grin. At last, Thomas had new friends to help him and get home once and for all. At the Steelworks, James was being given the same tour Thomas was given.

Frankie and Hurricane were performing the same song as before, but they both noticed that James was looking intently everywhere he went. The place seemed like a serious and even dangerous place to be…and there was no sign of Thomas. Frankie and Hurricane tried to keep singing, but eventually, James cornered them ahead. Sometime later, while James was being kept busy with the work, Thomas, Theo, Lexi and Merlin all came just outside the Steelworks, watching carefully. Lexi was excited to take part in the rescue, while Theo was rather nervous. Now that they were all here, they had to plan the rescue.

We could do the same thing! Nobody will see me! They can pretend to have an accident and call for help, and while the gates are open, I can rush in and rescue James. You and Lexi need to create a conversion. I'm the one who's going to keep watch," said Merlin. Those two are bound to be a little nervous. They're not as used to having adventures as we are," said Merlin. Thomas left too to find James. Theo and Lexi then played their part. They proceeded toward the Steelworks with a train of loose metal on flatbeds.

After some nervous thinking, Theo was suddenly pushed along by Lexi, making him glide along the line until she called to him to stop. Theo did so and sent his load flying and making a sudden crash, enough for Frankie and Hurricane to hear. There's been a derailment! Engine off the line! Frankie and Hurricane made their way outside the Steelworks…while Thomas snuck back inside, through the factory, looking for James. Outside, Frankie and Hurricane arrived at the scene. What's happened? Thomas should have been out by now! I hope nothing's happened to him! What if he needs my help?

Invisibility on! Where's he going? Merlin suddenly saw his invisibility wasn't real and he fearfully made haste to find Thomas. James had just hauled ladle trucks to the slag keep. This is a horrible job for an engine like…". In fact, I already decided that I was just going to do this one job! Frankie and Hurricane won't let you leave! James began to pull the ladle trucks back. Just as he cleared the switch, Hurricane collided with the trucks, buying Thomas and James some time.

But Frankie was right behind James. He veered into the line leading inside the Steelworks, but then Hurricane was after him. He retreated further inside, until he found some high shelves to hide behind.


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Frankie and Hurricane looked carefully around…and found James much too soon when the lights revealed his hiding place. James immediately set off again, trying to find a way out. He flew through the Steelworks and almost found a way out…when Hurricane blocked the way with more tucks. But then, Theo and Thomas came pushing them out of James' way.

Thomas saw James was safe…but then to his alarm, they came to a panel with two levers. The trucks derailed and hit one of the levers. A magnet crane came down and latched onto Thomas, lifting him into the air. James was still being chased by Frankie and Hurricane…when Lexi and Merlin made another barrier to stop the two pursuers and get James out…but then. The crane had moved him over to a large cauldron full of molten slag…hot enough to melt an engine.

Immediately, memories of when 'Arry and Bert kidnapped Thomas and tried to perform a similar stunt came back to his mind. He was in full panic now. Only a miracle would save him now. Hurricane could see this and was never so horrified in his life. He never wanted Thomas to be this frightened at all. I'll get you down, Thomas! He pushed with all his might on the trucks, and one of them hit the red button, stopping the magnet's clamp on Thomas.

Thomas went dropping down and he screamed in peril. In that second, he prepared to be melted down and lose his life, failing Emily altogether…but suddenly, a ladle bumped into him, forcing him away from the cauldron, and sliding back down…into a train of more ladle trucks, knocking over the molten slag.

In that instant, Hurricane knew that Thomas should not stay here, and neither should James. After seeing him almost get killed, he forgot about Frankie altogether. Look out! Thomas, James and the experimental engines all rejoiced with their victory, until Frankie spoke out in defeat. Hurricane can't make deliveries with melted wheels! And now you're all going to go away and leave us on our own with no help at all! And trying to trick his friend! What do you mean? Theo and Lexi looked back and spoke up, innocently refusing and stating they were quite useless.

No engine is useless. Didn't you just help me rescue James? Think positively, Lexi. Ask yourself what CAN you do? In that moment, Hurricane remembered his proposal to let Thomas go…and flashed a look of fury to his companion. I tried to convince you to let Thomas go in exchange for another engine to help us…but you went back on your consideration. Now, no thanks to your desire to keep both engines here, Thomas was almost KILLED while trying to save an engine who teased him so awfully!

Shame on you, Frankie. It seems my proposal to release Thomas came true after all. We have not one…but three volunteers now…and you still tried to keep Thomas and James here, to the edge of death! Shame on YOU. I did," said Hurricane. Go and live freely and joyfully!

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Never stop living in freedom! I know you wanted to be the one to bring them to the mainland. If anyone's the favourite, Thomas…it's probably you. Then Thomas and James began to sing together. Being the favourite was not that important. Being the best wasn't anything important. The most important thing for any engine on Sodor was being friends. While James and Thomas made their way home, Hurricane spent his time being repaired while Theo, Lexi and Merlin helped in the Steelworks.

Having three helpers was fascinating for Frankie and Hurricane and the experimental engines finally felt useful for the first time since they were built. When Thomas and James returned to Sodor, Henry was fully repaired and was amused to hear Thomas and James in such a merry mood.

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At Tidmouth Sheds, all the engines were waiting and wondering about Thomas, when they suddenly heard the singing. James came into view and over the turntable…then to Percy and Emily's joy and thrill, Thomas was back too. All the engine joined in the song with the Fat Controller. Emily's joy and hopes had come true. Thomas was home, alive and in one piece. Then as Henry came back, all the engines finished the song off, feeling secure again. The Fat Controller's smile disappeared when Henry asked that.

Thomas and James took turns telling everyone what had happened. How James teased Thomas into making him take the train to the Mainland, how Thomas got lost and ran into the Steelworks and got held against his will, then how he escaped and met the experimental engines, how James left to find him and bring him back, and how scary it really was. Emily in particular was astonished to hear the perils of what Thomas went through, and felt a great tingle of fear flow through her when Thomas talked about how he was almost killed by a cauldron of molten slag.

But she was also interested to hear about the experimental engines. When the story was done, Gordon turn to the red engine, remembering what he said the night before. And I am not the favourite engine. Friendship truly matters and I now realize how reckless I was through my behaviour…especially given that we almost lost Thomas to the Steelworks in the worst possible fate that was just stopped by mere luck.

The Fat Controller had listened to everything and now could lay out the punishments. And this time, follow orders! As for you, Thomas, for taking James' train to the Mainland without knowing where Bridlington was and causing so much worry for many on Sodor, I'm giving you one week in the shed to think about what you did! And think of it as being protected for a week after we nearly lost you to such a horrific end Thomas sighed.

He knew he'd have to face the Fat Controller sooner or later. But he also had to face Emily and how she felt about the matter. That night, most of the engines were asleep…except for Thomas and Emily. Thomas looked at her and saw her looking back. She seemed very happy indeed that he had come back. There is something I need to tell you when you come out again…". She and Thomas then fell asleep. The next week, Emily intended to follow through with the recent events. She was determined to make Thomas learn a lesson, but she would need strong resistance…and would it hold out as long as she'd intend?

Time would only tell after Thomas was due to come out again. Long story is long! Either way, that's JBS all covered, you're why I didn't make this multi-chaptered and focus on all of it? And yes, I have been watching the Season 22 episodes that have been airing in Italy over the last week and still ongoing, at least the ones that people have recorded.

And despite the fact that I don't speak or understand Italian, I've really enjoyed what Season 22 has to offer, I think the writers have been doing a great job, especially with the Valentines Day episode about Thomas and Rosie, and I feel that Thomas is still in good hands. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Cartoons Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas takes James' trucks and sets off on a big adventure to the Mainland. But, after a wrong turn, finds himself lost in the steelworks. There, Thomas encounters two mysterious engines who instantly make him feel welcome, but who aren't what they first seem. After realizing too late, Thomas is trapped with his free will taken away from him. Can James find him and being him home? Where are my trucks? What have you done with them? What's Thomas got to do with it?

He was excited to find out what he would see…but little did he know that he was only at the beginning of a rather perilous journey… Meanwhile, poor Henry was in the Steamworks waiting to be repaired. Oh yes! That's what he's done! What are you doing here? Not what I was expecting," said Clarabel. You stopped beyond the platform again! I can hear you, you know," said James. You seem worried," he said.

Mark and whoever wants to be first must be the slave of all.

I may have a few things to say to him myself…" James was still working on Thomas' branch line, but his passenger runs were over. I haven't seen him all day…" Emily told Percy about Thomas taking James' train without telling her. The Mainland doesn't take an entire day…unless you're going to a Railway Show…" "I hope he comes back too," agreed Percy. I am sure of it. I'm feeling worried," said Emily.

Why me? She eventually fell asleep, hoping for the best… Meanwhile, in Seymour Murphy's house, Sailor John was thinking about a few more steps in taking revenge, but after hearing little to nothing about Thomas, he couldn't help but wonder a little. Murphy came in. I'd like to know what's going on…" "With pleasure," winked Seymour. Any word of Thomas? There are still carrots waiting at Ulfstead, and trucks full of tweezers at Vicarstown…" "But I want to go to the Mainland, sir.

Has there been any mention of Thomas? I can't say yet…" Emily was now more worried than she was before. It's…it's Thomas! Molly gave a small superior smile to Emily and set off, bound to find James. He could tell that he wasn't fully content with being told to work here all the time…and that maybe he'd talk to Frankie… Thomas left the gates and began working again…and this time he was feeling frightened and sad. After a moment of thinking, she spoke again. At least he made Frankie consider his idea. Just sit here and do nothing? That would get those sheep moving!

James looked up and saw Molly. I'm just not used to working on Thomas' Branch Line and-" "I never thought I would see the day that my Ruby would tease Thomas so heavily about being the Fat Controller's favourite…that Thomas would take your train to the Mainland and risk getting lost! What's up with Thomas? You'll be a hero! James perked up at this. Where are you going? I guess that in the end, I'm just…" "I know," said Molly. No one is. What was that?

Many elements of the ' left Hegelianism ' and Marxist humanism of the post-war decades can be traced back to these lectures. Kojeve's lectures describe a violent world -view and focus upon moments of rupture and struggle rather than synthesis. For Kojeve it is Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit which is the key text and, within that text, it is the master-slave dialectic which is foregrounded to the exclusion of almost everything else. The central moment in the emergence of individuality revolves around Desire in so far as it implies a dialectic between self and other.

As Lacan was greatly influenced by Kojeve's lectures on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit I will now give a brief summary of Kojeve's exposition of the nature of human desire, the struggle for recognition , and the parable of the master-slave relation. He is conscious of himself, conscious of his human reality and dignity; and it is in this that he is essentially different from animals. Man becomes conscious of himself when, for the first time , he says '1'. A' 32 Jacques Lacan The man who contemplates is 'absorbed' by what he contemplates; the knowing subject loses himself in the object that is known.

The man who is 'absorbed' by the object that he is contemplating can be 'brought back to himself only by a Desire; by the desire to eat, for example. It is in and by - or better still as 'his' Desire that man is formed and is revealed, to himself and to others , as an I In contrast to the knowledge that keeps man in a passive quietude, Desire disquiets him and moves him to action.

Born of Desire, action tends to satisfy it, and can do so only by the ' negation ', the destruction , or at least the transformation, of the desired object: to satisfy hunger, for example, the food must be destroyed or, in any case , transformed. Thus, all action 'is negation'. But negating action is not purely destructive, for if action destroys an objective reality, for the sake of satisfying the Desire from which it is born, it creates in its place , in and by that very destruction, a subjective reality.

The being that eats, for example, creates add preserves its only reality into its own reality I by the 'assimilation', the ' internalisation ' of a 'foreign', ' external ' reality. Human Desire must be directed towards another Desire. Thus, in the relationship between man and woman , for example, Desire is human only if one desires, not the body , but the Desire of the other; if he wants 'to possess' or 'to assimilate' the Desire taken as Desire - that is to say, if he wants to be 'desired' or 'loved' or, rather, 'recognised' in his human value , in his reality as a human individual.

To aesire the Desire of another is in the final analysis to desire that the value that I am or that I ' represent ' be the value desired by the other: I want him to 'recognize' my value as his value. In other words all human Desire is, finally, a function of the Desire for 'recognition'. The human being can be formed only if at least two of these Desires confront one another. The uses of philosophy 33 satisfaction ; that is, is ready to risk its life Human reality is created, is constituted, only in the fight for recognition and by the risk of life that it implies.

Man is human only to the extent that he wants to impose himself on another man, to be recognised by him If one of the adversaries remains alive but kills the other, he can no longer. Therefore, it does the man of the fight no good to kill his adversary. He must overcome him ' dialectically '.