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Measure For Measure centres on a novice nun, who becomes the love interest of a corrupt official. But her beliefs are soon compromised when the official offers to save her brother from execution… in return for sex. With no idea of where to turn for help, she becomes desperate. And when she threatens to expose him, he tells her that nobody would believe her. Written by Shakespeare in the early s, Measure For Measure is a drama whose story and themes feel even more pertinent today. Anna Akhmatova, the most celebrated poet of her generation, has lost her first husband to the purges and her son to state prison, where he awaits execution.

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Lolo, Nne Chukwu and Udo are grieving the loss of their father. Months before, two ruthless military coups plunged the country into chaos. Fuelled by foreign intervention, the conflict encroaches on their provincial village, and the sisters long to return to their former home in Lagos. A sensitive working-class English teenager becomes pregnant by a black man, seeking refuge from her tyrannical, promiscuous mother with a gay art student she befriends.

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The legend of Doctor Faustus follows the twists and turns in the demise of a scholar who — growing bored of traditional studies — sells their soul to the devil in exchange for the powers of black magic.

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Drawing together the famous interpretations of the Faustus myth by Marlowe and Goethe as well as a wide range of other re-imaginings, the play asks grand questions about sacrifice and legacy. An outrageous comedy drama about imperialism, cross-racial adoption, cultural appropriation and drinking tea. This is not to say, however, that their physical appearance did not matter. A request for forty concubines from Amenhotep III c. Amenhotep III writes:.

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Behold, I have sent you Hanya, the commissioner of the archers, with merchandise in order to have beautiful concubines, i. Silver , gold , garments, all sort of precious stones, chairs of ebony, as well as all good things, worth deben. In total: forty concubines - the price of every concubine is forty of silver. Therefore, send very beautiful concubines without blemish.

Lewis, These concubines would have been kept by the pharaoh as part of his harem and, in the case of Amenhotep III, very well kept as his palace at Malkata was among the most opulent in Egypt's history. The king was considered deserving of many women as long as he remained faithful in caring for his Great Wife but, for most of the Egyptians, marriage was monogamous and for life.

As noted above by Watterson, women were considered legally capable in every aspect of their lives and did not require the supervision, consultation, or approval of a man in order to pursue any course of action. This paradigm applied to marriage and sex as well as any other area of one's life. Women could marry anyone they chose to, marriages were not arranged by the males of the family, and they could divorce when they pleased. There was no stigma attached to divorce even though a life-long marriage was always regarded as preferable.

Brier and Hobbs comment on this:. Whether rich or poor, any free person had the right to the joys of marriage. Marriage was not a religious matter in Egypt - no ceremony involving a priest took place - but simply a social convention that required an agreement, which is to say a contract, negotiated by the suitor on the family of his prospective wife. The agreement involved an exchange of objects of value on both sides.

The suitor offered a sum called the "virginity gift" when appropriate, to compensate the bride for what she would lose, indicating that in ancient times virginity was prized in female brides. The gift did not apply in the case of second marriages, of course, but a "gift to the bride" would be made even in that case. In return, the family of the bride-to-be offered a "gift in order to become a wife". In many cases, these two gifts were never delivered since the pair soon merged households.

However, in the event of divorce, either party could later sue for the agreed gift. Ancient Egyptian couples also entered into prenuptial agreements which favored the woman. If a man initiated the divorce, he lost all right to sue for the gifts and had to pay a certain sum in alimony to his ex-wife until she either remarried or requested he stop payment.

The children of the marriage always went with their mother and the home, unless it had been owned by the husband's family, remained with her. Birth control and abortions were available to married and unmarried women. The Ebers Medical Papyrus, c. Grind together finely a measure of acacia dates with some honey. Moisten seed-wood with the mixture and insert into the vagina" Lewis, Even though virginity might have been prized by men initiating marriage, it was not required that a woman be virgin on her wedding night.

A woman's sexual experience before marriage was not a matter of great concern. The only admonitions concerning female sexuality have to do with women who tempt men away from their wives. This was simply because a stable marriage contributed to a stable community, and so it was in the best interests of all for a couple to remain together.

Further, the ancient Egyptians believed that one's earthly life was only a part of an eternal journey and one was expected to make one's life, including one's marriage, worth experiencing forever. Reliefs, paintings, and inscriptions depict husbands and wives eating together, dancing, drinking, and working the fields with one another.

Even though Egyptian art is highly idealized it is apparent that many people enjoyed happy marriages and remained together for life. The speakers in these poems are both male and female and address all aspects of romantic love. The Egyptians took great joy in the simplest aspects of life and one did not have to be royalty to enjoy the company of one's lover, wife, family, or friends. Still, there is no denying that Egyptian royalty lived well and the many queens and lesser wives who lived in the palace would have experienced enormous luxury.

The palace of Amenhotep III at Malkata, mentioned above, extended over 30, square meters 30 hectares with spacious apartments, conference rooms, audience chambers, a throne room and receiving hall, a festival hall, libraries, gardens, storerooms, kitchens, a harem, and a temple to the god Amun. The palace's outer walls gleamed brightly white, while the interior colors were a lively blue, golden-yellow, and vibrant green. The women who lived in such palaces experienced a life far above that of the lower classes but still had their duties to fulfill in keeping with ma'at.

Egyptologist Sally-Ann Ashton writes, "In a world that was dominated by the male pharaoh, it is often difficult to comprehend fully the roles of Egyptian queens. A pharaoh would have a number of queens but the most important would be elevated to "principal wife" 1. In the case of Queen Tiye BCE , the wife of Amenhotep III, she regularly took part in the affairs of state, acted as a diplomat, and even had her name written in a cartouche, like a king.

Nefertiti c. When her husband essentially abandoned his duties as pharaoh to concentrate on his new monotheistic religion, Nefertiti assumed his responsibilities. Queen Sobeknefru c. Hatshepsut of the 18th Dynasty took Sobeknefru's example further and had herself crowned pharaoh. Hatshepsut continues to be considered one of the most powerful women of the ancient world and among the greatest pharaohs of Egypt.

Although female rulers are in the minority in ancient Egypt, powerful queens are not. Their duties and many of their activities remain undocumented or, at least, untranslated, but there is no doubt - based on the information that is available - that these women exerted considerable influence over their husbands, the court, and the country. In the beginning of time, when Osiris and Isis ruled over the world in peace and justice, Isis is said to have given gifts to humanity and, among them, the gift of equality between men and women.

This Egyptian legend is exemplified by the high status women enjoyed throughout Egypt's history.

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Brier and Hobbs note how "the status of women in Egypt was incredibly advanced for the time" This is no doubt true, but one could argue that women's status was incredibly advanced for any time in world history, including the present. A woman in ancient Egypt had more rights than many women living in the present day. Equality and respect for women continued through the Ptolemaic Dynasty BCE , the last to rule Egypt before it was annexed by Rome.

Cleopatra VII c. Women's status began to decline in Egypt with the rise of Christianity in the 4th century CE and its belief that sin had entered the world through Eve's disobedience and that women were of less value and less to be trusted than men. The Arab Invasion of the 7th century CE brought Islam to Egypt and effectively ended the kind of equality women had known in the country for almost 3, years. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers.

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